Consumer Health Care

Global sales of natural & organic cosmetics are soaring with revenues projected to approach US $7 billion this year.

Research by Organic Monitor finds that North America and Europe are the two engines of growth, comprising the bulk of the US $1 billion sales increase. The natural & organic sector is fastest growing in the North American cosmetics & toiletries industry, with sales increasing by 20% a year. Healthy market growth rates are projected to raise the market share of natural & organic products to 15% of total cosmetic & toiletry sales in the coming years.

The marine environment offers the opportunity for the discovery of new biologically active natural products for personal and consumer healthcare (cosmeceuticals). Aquapharm® is actively screening for new ingredients from its extensive library of marine micro-organisms for new;

  • Skin care actives (anti-oxidants, antibacterials, anti-inflammatory anti-ageing compounds, new enzymes)
  • Consumer health products (acne, dry mouth, eye health)
  • Food supplements (anti-oxidants, diabetes, heart health, obesity)