Core Technology

Marine micro-organisms are a prolific and rich new source of biologically active chemistry.

By integrating a microbial screening platform with natural product chemistry capabilities, the Company is developing a strong pipeline of novel biologically active compounds in its core areas of business. With good access to diverse marine environments, Aquapharm® has sampled ecological habitats ranging from shallow brackish waters to the cold oceanic depths. Through the application of its proprietary technology the company has been able to culture previously unculturable microbes and has built a substantial and productive library of over 7,000 marine bacteria and fungi, containing many new species and genera. The microbial library sits at the core of the Company and serves as a valuable resource for Aquapharm's commercial activities.

Through the application of unique fermentation based technology, it is possible to induce stress mechanisms within the organisms to induce the production of important secondary metabolites within the culture system. By combining this technology with a robust extraction and fractionation process many new chemical entities have been identified with applications in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Novel biocatalysts

Our novel approach to marine biotechnology is leading to robust intellectual property (IP) protection.