NF-kB is a transcription factor found in virtually all mammalian cell types and is involved in cellular responses to stimuli such as stress, cytokines, free radicals, ultraviolet irradiation and bacterial or viral antigens and also plays a key role in regulating the immune response to infection.

Consistent with this role, incorrect regulation of NF-kB has been linked to cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, septic shock, viral infection, improper immune development and skin ageing.

Aquapharm® is actively screening for natural compounds that inhibit NF-kB activation using a reporter gene assay. Further evaluation of the active compounds looks at assaying these against a range of kinases, including IKKB, which is involved in the NF-kB activation cascade to determine compound specificity and mode of action.


The NF-kappaB activation pathway showing the molecular targets for NF-<span class='font-family: times new roman, times, serif;'>k</span>B inhibitors - as highlighted in orange.

The NF-kappaB activation pathway.
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