Microbial Collection

The microbial library sits at the core of the Company. Aquapharm® has a wide range of micro-orgamisms collected from as far north as the Arctic and as deep as 4,000m.

Aquapharm® has a proprietary collection of over 7,000 marine micro-organisms and is producing high quality extracts for screening for products to treat infectious disease, oxidative stress and inflammation. This resource continues to be expanded through dedicated sample collection activities covering niche environments and varied microbial habitats ranging from the deep sea to shallow brackish waters and from sediments through to marine symbionts.

To expand the utility of the marine micro-organism collection the Company continuously innovates through the development of improved culturing techniques and growth conditions to obtain rare microbial taxa and new species and genera of microorganisms. Such success allows for truly new biochemistries to be discovered yielding new activities that have arisen from the oldest and most diverse ecosystem on the planet.

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