Scientific Advisory Panel

Prof Sebastian Amyes

Professor of Microbial Chemotherapy, Medical Microbiology, the University of Edinburgh.

With more than 300 full scientific papers published on the use of antibiotics. Prof. Amyes is recognised by government agencies as an authority in the area of the chemotherapy of infectious diseases and bacterial resistance to drugs.

Prof Marcel Jaspars

Marine Natural Products Laboratory, University of Aberdeen

Prof Marcel Jaspars trained as a synthetic/natural product chemist and now works at the chemistry/biology interface. Key interests include: the use of sponge metabolites in the transmembrane delivery of therapeutic molecules in vitro and in vivo; discovery of an anti-cancer agent from a sponge (in animal testing); expression of bioactive marine metabolites in a heterologous host.

Prof Jenny Littlechild

Director Exeter Biocatalysis Centre, School of Biosciences, University of Exeter, Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University of Exeter.

Professor Littlechild’s research interests cover molecular genetics (site-directed mutagenesis and gene isolation and cloning), protein purification and characterisation, and structural analysis by NMR, X-ray crystallography and molecular modelling of new enzymes for biotransformation and drug design. Currently supervises Aquapharm's BBSRC industrial case studentship on biocatalysis and Enzyme Discovery.