Secondary Screening


In the case of anti-bacterials, pure molecules that pass our primary screening criteria are further assessed against a broad ranging and sensitive MIC study using standard CLS protocols. Compounds are screened against a broad range of clinically relevant Gram positive and negative bacteria including resistant and non-resistant strains.

The company also looks at testing anti-fungal hits against a wide range of systemic and epiphytic fungal infections including Trychoderma spp, Candida tropicalis, C. Glabrata and a panel of Aspergilli and Fusarium spp.


Compounds that show good NF-kB activities are further evaluated against a large panel of kinases e.g. modulators of IKKb to look for compound specificity and mode of action in the inflammation cascade.


Compounds that show strong anti-oxidant activities compared against known standards such as α-tocopherol are then further evaluated using a number of different assays.

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Aquapharm's screening platform

Aquapharm's screening platform
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